Rowland’s Laws

What are Rowland’s Laws?

One day in high school, in a Spanish class, the girl sitting in front of me said she was going on a trip, and that she would fly there. I said “don’t crash”. She asked “Is that Rowland’s Law?”
The answer was, obviously, yes, but it wasn’t just that one conversation. In his Guardians of the Flame series, author Joel Rosenberg had a character named Walter Slovotski who collected short, funny pieces of ‘wisdom’ into Slovotski’s Laws. Likewise, Robert A Heinlein had ‘The Notebooks of Lazarus Long’ which collects the random guidance of the titular character.
The seed of “Is that Rowland’s Law” fell into soil that had been prepared for it already, and has continued to grow. Over the years, I’ve written over nine hundred laws, and I think it’s time to share them.

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