Clocked Out

Time to be honest: I don’t enjoy writing a blog. It gets in the way of writing things I’m actually interested in, like ‘The Journals of Jack Winslow’. Or stories about cyborg detectives. Or super heroes. Or people being chased through the woods by monsters. Those are interesting. I’m not.

This may sound pretentious, especially to non-Christians, but I write because God told me to write. Do you know what He didn’t tell me to do? Write about myself in an attempt to appear interesting. He didn’t tell me to ‘work to build an audience’. He didn’t tell me ‘post daily on your website because that’s how you attract attention’. No, none of that. He told me to write stories and put them on the internet.

I’m going to do that, instead. If I have something I want to write about, that won’t fit on a social media site, I’ll post it here, but, for the most part, I’m going to save this space for stories. Because I like writing those, and, I assume, people like reading them. If I want more people to read my stories, I’ll just share them every day. At least then I’ll be promoting something I think people might actually care about.

And, I think, that’s what everyone should do. Don’t worry about how to build an audience or attract attention. Just do what your passion drives you to do, and show it to people. The right people will find you. It might take some time, but it’s much more fulfilling, and entertaining, than doing something you don’t enjoy.

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